Kiel, Deutschland

Flyfishing for pike

You only need streamers for fly fishing for pike? You will find them here.

Fly fishing for pike has become very popular in recent years; no wonder – they are almost everywhere, they grow big, are aggressive and beautiful, like few other predatory fish in our waters.

Our favorite moment when fly fishing for pike? The attack! All of a sudden an angry esox tears the running line out of your hand. When fly fishing for pike, the bait is animated with your hands while you hold the line between your fingers, pure excitement! You should get rid of prejudices quickly! Fly fishing hardly limits you, especially not when pike fishing! There are methods and equipment with which you can fish just as well on the surface as in 2, 4 or 6 meters depth!

One advantage of fly fishing for pike is the let’s call it “fairer” way of dealing with the fish, especially if you fish in areas where C&R is seen positiv or is necessary, it is a great thing! 99% of the time, single hooks are used, which means that there are no longer any nailed-shut pike-mouths! And whoever now thinks one accepts a higher rate of lost fish, is wrong! Such a single hook penetrates faster and better than a treble hook. And once it sits, it rarely loosens! A win for both sides.

Below is a compilation of useful equipment. You are welcome to ask us any questions by email or contact form.

Rod & Reel and Co: Class 8–10 fly rods with a classic length of 9 ‘, fly reel in the appropriate size, filled with backing. There are special pike fly lines. If you are not sure which swimming or sinking variant you need for your body of water, please contact us! The leader consists of 1.5–2m 0.45 fluorocarbon with a steel tip with an Albright knot, rounded off by a snap. You can find all the streamers you need to catch pike in our shop!

Another tip for fly fishing for pike: entrust yourself to an experienced fly fisherman or casting instructor at the beginning, so you will achieve casting and catching success faster.