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Baitfish Streamer 2.0 – Brown


Baitfish Streamer 2.0 – Brown


  • about 7cm long
  • silicone layer in the area of ​​the head and eyes
  • very natural in the water
  • perfect for clear water
  • the indicated price always refers to a streamer,
  • the group photo is for illustrative purposes only
  • tied on Ahrex hook

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The ultimate perch streamer, just a little bit better! Peter has now provided his baitfish streamers with a thin layer of silicone over his head and eyes. This ensures that the streamer produces even more pressure waves underwater and becomes even more durable: perch have absolutely no chance! If Peter had to choose one streamer that he would fish for the rest of his life: it would be this one. This streamer is about 7cm long and looks very natural underwater – that makes it the perfect weapon for clear water or delicate fish. Due to the material and the slight hook, this streamer sinks slowly. This type of streamer is not the perch streamer that our customers buy most for nothing.


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