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Baitfish Streamer “Grey-Zombie”

Baitfish Streamer “Grey-Zombie”


  • catches all predatory fish
  • normal size about 7cm long
  • small size about 5cm long
  • perfect for clear water and tricky fish
  • the indicated price always refers to a streamer, the group photo is for illustrative purposes only
  • tied on Ahrex hook

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One material, one shape, all predatory fish! If Peter had to choose one streamer that he would fish for the rest of his life: it would be this one. This streamer is about 7cm long (or 5cm) and gray-white, plus a zombie eye! This combination makes it a natural eye-catcher in a school of forage fish. Perfect for clear water or finicky fish. Because of the material and the light hook this streamer sinks slowly.


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