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  • about 9-10cm long
  • tied on Ahrex Curved Gammarus #2
  • short shanked hook allows even smaller or cautious fish to inhale without problems
  • orange fluorescent eyes serve as bite point
  • perch design

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Fly fishing for perch is more and more in vogue, which definitely has its justification, because the fun is real.

Here, the “Martins-Minnow” is an absolute classic at the latest since Perch-Pro. This streamer has a classic perch size. It is tied on an Ahrex hook. This short-legged hook offers two advantages: On the one hand, the soft and lively material does not tail, on the other hand, smaller fish can inhale the hook without any problems. The 4.6mm tungsten bead provides a great jig effect and makes the hook point upwards to fish close to the bottom.


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