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  • The “Persch-Torpedo” has quickly developed into one of the best-selling streamers in our shop, which is why we would like to offer you a set!
  • All five designs each twice, so a total of 10 streamers. Perfect to find out which colors work well on your own body of water and to have a replacement in the event of a demolition.
  • Cheaper than the individual purchase
  • about 9cm long, classic perch size for the whole year
  • Tied on Ahrex XO # 4
  • The short-leg hook allows even smaller or cautious fish to inhale easily
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Fly fishing for perch is more and more trendy, which definitely has its justification, because the fun is inevitable. This streamer is a classic perch size. It is tied to an Ahrex Curved Gammarus # 6. This short-limbed hook offers two advantages: On the one hand, the soft and lively material does not tail, and on the other, smaller fish can also inhale the hook without any problems.

This is a set in which you get two of each color, so you get a total of 10 streamers!


Attention: The photos with three streamers each are for illustrative purposes only, this set contains two per color.


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