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Rügen-Special “Whitefish”

Rügen-Special “Whitefish”


  • specially designed for Rügen, but also works on other waters where pike prefer small baits or where you only have a light rod available
  • tied on Ahrex TP # 2/0
  • about 12-13cm long
  • slight jig effect thanks to UV heads
  • perfect to cast with a class 8 rod
  • special tying method without water-absorbing material ensures long casts

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Pike fishing on Rügen is often a little different than on other bodies of water, because our experience has shown that small, rather inconspicuous streamers work well here. Since pike fishing is becoming more and more popular there, we have now also designed streamers especially for this special purpose and we are honest: These flies do not win a beauty prize! The pike are not interested in that, because there are some properties that are advantageous:

super easy and far to cast, even with a class 8 rod

natural silhouette

very light jig effect thanks to UV heads


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