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  • catches big pike
  • floats under water
  • about 25-28cm long
  • joint in the middle ensures a lively run
  • highly UV-active
  • tied on Ahrex hook
  • easy to throw for its size
  • presses an enormous amount of water and thus irritates the lateral line organ of predatory fish
  • the indicated price always refers to one streamer,
  • the group photo is for illustrative purposes only

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Why is this bucktail monster called “American”? On the one hand there is a film of the same name and this streamer catches big pikes as reliably as the main character in the film does his job as a hit man. In addition, this streamer is inspired by American musky patterns and tied in Bob Popovic’s way of using bucktail. This streamer is not for the faint of heart. With its length of over 25cm, UV activity, a joint in the middle and the extra large silhouette, you are dealing with a pattern that lures the really big pikes. We like to use this pattern for fishing in open water. The joint ensures a very lively movement, the bucktail and the premium feathers ensure a striking silhouette and a lot of pressure waves under water. “The American” fishes best on a sinking line on a 9 or 10 rod, we recommend the Airflo depth finder in 400 grain. And now, get on with the BIG ones!


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